Memory Capacity

<-! Icon -> " The memory will weaken, unless you train it. Cicero

The duration of memory is the longest list of objects or concepts that people can correctly repeat in the sequence they were presented. The concept is directly related to short-term memory, but there is a theory suggesting activation of long-term storage of information sources by stimulating parts of the brain responsible for short-term memory.

Memory capacity is evaluated based on the following aspects:

  • The form of presentation of information (numbers of letters and numbers that can be remembered by the same person, are different);
  • The rhythm of presentation (the set is presented simultaneously or sequentially);
  • The rate (the amount of time given to memorize);
  • Type of presentation of information (visual or hearing);
  • The playback speed (the amount of time given for the answer);
  • The environment in which training is carried out (the presence of distractions);
  • Evaluation method (points or any other options).

All these factors affect the estimation of the duration of memory, although the parameter itself is a constant in a certain period of time.

You can make sure about the efficiency of this theory after a few games on IQClub.

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Despite the huge number of factors that influence the development of memory (both external and internal), this theory suggests that the memory capacity is relatively constant, almost not subject to the negative effects.

Application Essence

<-! Icon -> " Only an attentive person is capable to memorize.  George Samuel

The method of using the memory capacity is based on two main aspects of this concept: functional and structural.

  • The functional aspect of memory duration is the number of discrete units that a person can keep at a time. That is,  ability to distribute attention to several things, and then play them in the same sequence they were presented.
  • The structural aspects stands for the fact that the memory is a component of memory. And the main difference of these concepts is the period of time, in which they operate. The capacity is a part of a short-term memory, but within its activation time, there is stimulation of neurons in long-term memory, so that it becomes possible to train.

This Is Interesting

The similar technique of memory capacity is the theory of "The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two", which was developed by Miller, and it was published in the psychology magazine in 1956..

How Can I Train?

On our website, there are several games based on the principles of the theory of memory duration. Their effect is achieved by the interaction of active neurons responsible for both short-term and long-term memory. Types of games are:

  • Letter Span. It is a random set of letters that should be remembered in the correct sequence and reproduced. Start to train your memory with this game here .
  • Digit Span. Training involves memorization and reproduction of a sequence of numbers. For playing a game, a  separate page on IQClub resource is provided.
  • Digit Span Revolution. It is an improved version of the previous training. The difference lies in the fact that if there are two correct answers, the level of difficulty is increased, and otherwise - it gets reduced. You can start a workout with this game on our website.

This method of memory development is suitable not only for the older generation, but also for children. The age at which you can start training by increasing the memory capacity is not limited, but the child must already know the numbers or letters, so as not to make mistakes due to confusion in the symbols.

IQClub offers a variety of memory training methods. In addition to the "Games" section,  a user can take advantage of the helpful information located in the blog articles, where different ways of self-development of memory are described. The most relevant of these are:

  1. development of visual memory ;
  2. Children memory improvement ;
  3. Memory preservation for years.

For more information on a variety of techniques, read the corresponding articles.

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