Brain Games for Kids
between the ages of 3 and 14

To develop speech, memory, attention, outlook, reading and numeracy, preparation for school and success in primary education

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Rapid Development

Today’s children grow in an exciting and complex world that requires continuous concentration and attention. Our games will help develop various essential skills. Psychologists, tutors and speech therapists work hard to ensure efficient age-appropriate load.

Parents are free, children are busy

Child’s leisure should be planned carefully. Get them seated in front of a TV and go about business? Outdated. From now on, your child will be engaged in educational games designed to improve their intelligence.

No ads or paid content

Our developers are conscientious about developing children’s apps. Games have no paid content that a child can accidentally purchase with a parent’s card. No distracting ads either.

Always within easy reach

Waiting in queues, public or private transport will no longer be tedious and boring. Engaged in educational games can be anywhere with access to the Internet. The child effectively spends his free time - is not it a dream of loving parents?

Happy students
Satisfied parents
Hours of development
Children and parents love IQClub

It is truly innovative and handy tool

Try it yourself before introducing IQClub to your child or children. It’s totally free.

You’re a children’s specialist?

IQClub is a great service that can be beneficial for tutors, parents, and children’s specialists. Interactive education will facilitate engagement and overall efficiency. Results can be monitored online; achievements are registered automatically, and users get appropriate recommendations. By implementing our technologies in your classes, you get a handy and innovative educational tool.