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IQClub is more than just a reading tool; it’s a read-along companion that listens and teaches, transforming your child into an enthusiastic reader. Designed for children from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, IQClub combines games, artificial intelligence, and a vast library of AI-powered books. At IQClub, we’ve integrated all successful innovations into an interactive format that not only supports but also enriches your child’s reading development.

This approach makes learning to read both effective and captivating, ensuring that your child not only learns but also loves the process.

How games aid children with dyslexia in their reading development??

What reading skills do IQClub train?

How to start?

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Our advanced algorithm assesses your child’s reading, identifying their strengths and pinpointing areas that need improvement.

Step 3

Based on the insights gained, we craft a personalized curriculum tailored to your child’s needs, enhancing their learning experience and boosting confidence.

Step 4

As your child progresses, IQClub rewards them with stars, prizes, badges, and adventures, making reading a fun and engaging adventure.

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