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What is IQClub

What is IQClub

IQClub is a digital platform that introduces an AI-powered Reading Buddy and digital library. This innovative tool is designed to assist children in enhancing their reading skills through engaging, interactive experiences tailored to each user. It supports real-time adaptive learning, offering personalized reading sessions that evolve with the child’s progress.

Our books are aimed at Phonemic Awareness
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Diverse Programs and Training Methods
Diverse Programs and Training Methods

Our service allows professionals to utilize cutting-edge technology in their lessons. As our product is web-based, children can study at home, reinforcing skills learned during center-based sessions.

Convenient and Innovative Learning Tool for Children
Convenient and Innovative Learning Tool for Children

Incorporating our interactive learning service enhances class efficiency and boosts student engagement. Results can be effortlessly tracked online, recording accomplishments and receiving pertinent suggestions.

Science-Driven Approach
Science-Driven Approach

Our interdisciplinary team of experts develops games and simulators that adapt to each child’s learning needs, backed by AI technology. This science-driven approach ensures that our programs are both educational and engaging, offering customized learning experiences for every child.

Parental Access to Class Statistics
Parental Access to Class Statistics

Parents can easily access detailed reports on their child’s progress through our platform. This transparency helps foster a collaborative environment between home and school, ensuring children receive the support they need.


Our platform offers a seamless online classroom experience where teachers can manage and monitor student progress. The integration of AI tools assists in personalizing the learning journey for optimal results.

Free for teachers, now and forever!
Free for teachers, now and forever!

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Developed for K-12 & Healthcare professionals

Our project can be a reliable assistant for anyone involved in education, including teachers, speech therapists, and pediatric psychologists:

Teachers can utilize our AI-powered Reading Buddy to enhance instructional methods and effectively support individual learning paths. This tool simplifies tracking student progress and adjusting teaching strategies accordingly.

Speech therapists

Speech therapists can incorporate our AI tools to create personalized therapy sessions. These tools facilitate targeted practice and allow for adaptive responses to each child’s needs, enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

Pediatric psychologists

Pediatric psychologists can use our stats system and cognitive tests to assess and track the progress of their patients with dyslexia. Our platform provides valuable data-driven insights that can inform treatment planning and help pediatric psychologists tailor their interventions to each patient’s specific needs. With IQClub, pediatric psychologists can provide the best possible care for their patients and improve outcomes.

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