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Understanding Dyslexia

Start here to support your child or student with dyslexia. Begin by learning the fundamental aspects of dyslexia and recognizing its most common signs.

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How To Help Dyslexia

Once you have grasped the basics of dyslexia, the next step is to learn how to assist a child with dyslexia effectively.

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Testing and Screening For Dyslexia

Curious about when dyslexia can be identified? Find out the distinction between dyslexia screening and formal evaluations.

Dyslexia evaluation

Related Difficulties

"Dyslexia" serves as an umbrella term, encompassing various related difficulties such as memorizing math facts, handwriting, organization, and memory.

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Free Learning Resources

IQClub is dedicated to supporting teachers and parents. Access free educational materials from IQClub to assist your children’s learning journey. Utilize worksheets, flashcards, ebooks, and teaching videos to enrich learning at home or school.

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Dyslexia Simulator

Experience dyslexia through this eye-opening simulation, providing insight into the challenges some kids face while learning to read and comprehend. Discover the world from their perspective and gain a deeper understanding of dyslexia’s impact on children’s learning abilities.

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6 Essential Skills for Reading Comprehension

Help your kids unlock the secrets of effective reading comprehension with these six essential skills. Improve their understanding and retention of written content in a fun and engaging way.

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