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IQClub is an educational platform that offers brain training games specifically designed for children. Our company, headquartered in North Carolina, USA, was established in the summer of 2014. We initially launched the brain fitness service, which quickly gained recognition as a leading provider of cognitive simulators for adults worldwide, accumulating over 870,000 users.

Understanding the significance of early education and the demand for engaging learning tools, we developed IQClub as a separate version of the service, focusing on brain training games tailored to children. Our team comprises experienced professionals who have demonstrated their expertise in the industry. We have previously undertaken successful projects for B2B clients, establishing a prominent position and serving over 1 million customers through our web service.

Driven by our dedication to advancing education, our goal for the next two years is to continue launching and developing several additional projects in the field. We aim to leverage our extensive experience and forward-thinking approach to create a meaningful impact on children's learning experiences.

Brief Information:

  • Company founded in: 2014
  • Headquarters: North Carolina, USA
  • Team: 10+ dedicated employees
  • Registered users: Over 270,000 individuals
  • Developed games: 90+ engaging brain training games for children

We are always thrilled to share our expertise and future plans. Please feel free to reach out to us for further information or to schedule an interview.

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If you want to interview the company’s experts, get a quick answer, or learn more about IQClub products and history, we will be happy to answer you: [email protected]

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3 months Premium access IQClub as a gift. To receive a promo code for training, send a request to [email protected], Do not forget to mention your company name.

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