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What is Schulte Tables
Schulte table - а table with randomly placed objects (usually numbers or letters) that are essential for testing and development quickness of search objects in a certain order. Exercises with tables can improve peripheral vision, which is important, for example, to improve speed reading skill.
What is N-back task
The well-known problem of continuous runtime (syn. Continuous performance task), developed by psychologist VK Kirchner in 1958. Used in neurophysiological studies to stimulate the activity of certain areas of the brain, as well as for psychological assessment and development work memory, logic thinking, the ability to focus and concentration generally movable intelligence.
What is Memory Matrix
The theory has its origins from the visual-spatial test Corsi (Full name: Corsi block-tapping test). This test has its origin in 1970. The first version was a wooden test cubes which are arranged in a matrix. The experimenter pointed out the blocks in sequence, and the subject had to repeat it exactly. Task Corsi has undergone many modifications and IQClub users can try to imagine its electronic implementation.
What is Traveling salesman problem(TSP)
Traveling salesman problem (TSP) - One of the most famous combinatorial optimization problems. Examinee person should consistently bypass the houses on the most optimal route memorizing it and find gold coins.
What is Memory span
Memory span is called the longest list of objects or concepts that people can correctly repeat the sequence in which they were granted.
What is Flanker task
Flanker task - A technique of research of visual attention in which you need to quickly find the target object. The technique used to study the spatial characteristics, such as coverage of the visual attention and spatial interference in information processing.
What is Stroop effect
In psychology, the "Stroop effect" is called delay reaction when reading words, when the word color is not the same as the written words (for example, the word "red" written in blue).
What is Visual search
Visual Search - method of perception associated with attention functions are carried out in which the active visual environment testing processes for the presence of certain signs and objects. Visual search is carried out, if the search object is out of the visual field, or it is not recognized, because it is located not in the center of visual attention, or distracting objects are present.
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