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Digit Span

  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves semantic memory
  • Enhances visual memory


The modern world is saturated with information. It is everywhere - on the Internet, at work and even at home. Moreover, the complexity of modern information requires a lot of effort to assimilate it, to track, to perceive and remember. It is our working memory that becomes a temporary storage and later a conductor for millions of gigabytes of information of different content, from images to emotions. The "Digit Span" game is designed as an effective tool of development of working memory, increases concentration and improves attention. IQClub service will help to improve the interaction of your thinking with memory, improve the quality of the recording and playback of your memories.

How It Works

Earlier studies suggested the beginning of the decline of cognitive abilities of a person with 60 years. Recent studies using PET-scans have lowered the bar to 45 years. Studies at University College of London confirmed that a regular load on the intelligence and memory, in particular, are able to reduce the risk of dementia later in life by times. Also, like muscle memory, you can develop and maintain a high operating tone. “Digit Span" is a versatile and dynamic simulator, allowing to focus, to expand the memory capacity and regularly train to improve the perception of numerical information. Modern society gets on too well with technologies, being capable to master the application or program in a few hours, but absolutely helpless when faced with the need to remember a simple numerical sequence, the details of life. Researchers of cognitive abilities agree that a modern human is not used to "overburdening" themselves with remembering dates, numbers, names, because everything is in a smartphone or other gadget. “Digit Span" will quickly produce an interesting fitness for the brain, which will improve your performance and comfort in everyday life.

What It Gives

Today, for many people, it is a lot easier to look into Wikipedia and find the right date, than to understand their memory working processes. This leads to the fact that the very important skill of intelligence simply loses its effectiveness from year to year. IQClub created a unique platform for the brain and memory training, accessible for all age groups. We will help you not to rely on articles from the Internet, but on your own knowledge gained through hard work, to learn to interact with the short-term and long-term memory. Today's training will help you to keep bright and clear mind in old age. Interestingly, human brain has been found able to create new neurons even in the age of 60-70 years. The practice of passing the training of attention, memory and thinking, with the help of tests and exercises can substantially raise IQ ratio , develop cognitive abilities.


The player is offered a set of digits that they need to memorize and reproduce in the exact sequence after the beep. "Digit Span" is built on automatic determination of the optimum complexity of training. This means that the program itself, according to the results of training, will determine the size of the digit span provided to memorize.

How We Developed It

With strong methodological support, with the use of the results of current research, we were able to create an interesting and efficient platform, where everyone can engage in the development of cognitive functions. The "Digit Span" game  is a classic trainer that we have tried to make more entertaining and easy to use.

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