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Learning Tools

Our Learning Tools boost your child’s reading skills with interactive features. The Dictionary Lookup lets kids tap unknown words for instant definitions and pronunciations. Spotlight Words encourages them to collect essential vocabulary, and Quizzes at the End of Books enhance comprehension by testing their recall of the material.

AI Reading buddies

Reading Buddies are animated guides that make reading fun and supportive. They cheer on your child, rewarding them with new buddies as they hit reading milestones. Each week, Buddies also share exciting book-related facts and engaging activities.

Gamified Reading

Our Reading Badges system motivates daily reading by rewarding children for their efforts. Kids earn badges for time spent reading, exploring different topics, and participating in special events. This gamification approach keeps reading exciting and celebrates their progress.

We’re Here for You

When you need a break or a moment to yourself, IQClub provides a self-sufficient reading environment for kids of all ages. From engaging Read-To-Me books for the younger ones to captivating chapter books for older children, our platform ensures that they can enjoy a rich, independent reading experience anytime.

We’re Here for You

On-the-Go Reading

When you’re on the road, you can rely on IQClub to keep your children entertained and learning, no matter where your travels take you. Easily download a variety of books and audiobooks for offline access, allowing your children to delve into stories and adventures without the need for an internet connection.

On-the-Go Reading

Bedtime Stories Made Easy

When they ask for just one more bedtime story, Epic’s selection of soothing audiobooks is the perfect solution. Our diverse library includes stories suitable for children of all ages, making it easy for them to find a favorite tale to help them wind down and drift off to sleep.

Bedtime Stories Made Easy

Universal Access

Our extensive library is designed to be accessible on nearly any device, providing your family with the freedom to read whenever and wherever you choose. With books covering a wide range of interests and reading levels, every child can find something to enjoy, fostering a lifelong love for reading in a convenient, flexible manner.

Universal Access

Success stories

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I’m amazed at how quickly my daughter has taken to IQClub! In just one weekend, she’s devoured 10 books and is constantly asking for more. The quality of the books and the AI recommendations really cater to her interests, making reading a joy for her!
IQClub is a game changer for my two boys who were hesitant readers before. Now, they’re exploring new topics daily and can’t wait to tell me about what they’ve read. The platform’s interactivity and engaging book selection have made all the difference.
Thank you, IQClub, for transforming our reading routine! My son used to be picky about books, but with the extensive and intriguing library you offer, he’s now reading without any nudging from me. It’s wonderful to see him so engaged and confident!

You’ll enjoy the Parent Dashboard, which lets you participate in their reading journey

Personalized Profiles & Progress Tracking
Create personalized profiles for each of your children, ensuring a secure and tailored reading experience. Easily track their progress with detailed insights into their reading habits, including what books they’re engaged with and how long they spend reading, all updated weekly.
Connected Reading Experience
Our Kids Dashboard keeps you connected to your child’s reading journey, showing real-time updates of what they’re reading in class. Enhance their learning by sharing favorite books with friends and celebrating their achievements with kudos, making reading a fun, social experience.
Flexible Reading Options
Download books for offline reading on any device, ensuring your child can enjoy reading anywhere, anytime. Customize the reading experience according to your preferences, with options to filter content, ensuring it aligns with your family’s values and your child’s interests.

Children will be delighted by...

The best kind of screen time
We provide a safe and secure environment where kids can independently explore, ensuring peace of mind for parents. Our platform is designed with the highest safety standards, protecting young explorers as they engage with content. Every feature is crafted to foster autonomy while keeping children safe from harmful elements online.
Diverse Library
Dive into a vast sea of knowledge with thousands of books from various genres. Whether it’s fiction, science, or history, IQClub has books that cater to every child’s curiosity and reading level.
Engaging Formats
Explore a variety of book formats including graphic novels, audiobooks, and interactive eBooks. IQClub offers diverse ways to engage with content, making reading accessible and exciting for every child.

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