N-Back Task - Overview

Method of N-back is a modern and highly effective way to exercise memory and attention. It is also the task of continuous execution.

In the name of this technique, letter N indicates the number of positions. The essence of the trainer is to determine whether some positions back there was a certain sound, picture or other image (letter, number). For example, if it is 1-Back, you should answer, if the image was one position before, if 2-Back, two positions, when 3-back, three positions and so on, depending on how many items are preset in a tranier conditions.

The principle of operation is as follows. Depending on the number N of images there are displayed several rows (if 2-back, two, if 3-back, three). These rows are not similar. In one series there might be sounds, in the second - numbers, the third - pictures. This is aimed at involvement of the largest possible number of senses.

Our simulator is the advanced technique of the famous psychologist, Vladimir K. Kirchner, who designed this way of training the intellect in 1958.

<-! Icon -> " «Memory is a copper plate covered with letters, which is smoothed quietly by the time, if not renewed by the cutter sometimes» . John Lock

This trainer is the unique cutter to renew memory abilities.

What Is This Method Used For?

The N-Back Task is used in psychology in the following cases:

  • if it is necessary to evaluate the working memory of person;
  • to strengthen working memory activity;
  • for development of logical thinking;
  • If you need to develop concentration;
  • for the development of intellectual abilities.

Also, the method is used in neurophysiology. It allows you to stimulate different areas and departments of the cerebral cortex.

If you regularly use our trainer, you will be able to imorove both a short-term and working memory in a short time  Also, the technique allows you to cope with such problems as distraction, inattention, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Methods of N-Back allows a person to develop professional skills. For example, people who are engaged in music, can include the sounds of different musical instruments in the trainer, mathematicians - the numbers or formula, biologists - drawings of animals, or the leaves of trees. Also, the chess players, for the development of not only logical thinking during the game, but also to improve memory in the trainer, use figures position on the chessboard.

With the help of trainers on site, which are one of the latest and most effective techniques, it is possible to develop memory, together with the stability of attention, intellectual ability, imagination and the ability to think widely. In addition, the trainer helps a person develop themselves, opening new opportunities and intellectual abilities of their mind.

May Children Use the Trainer?

The technique is a suitable way to exercise intelligence capabilities for all age groups, including children. Especially if the child has trouble in concentrating their attention on their studies, remembering the material or forgetfulness.

This Is Interesting

According to research performed by American scientists carried out in 2008, the technique efficiency is observed in all cases of its application, even the trainer is used for a short time.

The advantage of our trainer is also the fact that it is adapted for any age, even for children. Thanks to a very simple procedure, it helps to rapidly develop mental abilities and develop a child's personality. Our trainer will be able to involve any child, even the most restless. Within a short period of time, the child school performance will improve by times, and so will do sport abilities.

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