What Are Memory Matrices

Memory Matrix is a technique to train the memory and attention of the person. According to statistics, it takes the second place in popularity among all human brain trainers.

This Is Interesting

This technique appeared not so long ago. A classical formof the memory matrices is a game on one of the first Nokia phones.

The appearance of the technique was promoted by invention of Corsi test. It was used to determine whether a person has developed a working memory, in particular - visual. The test was developed in the 1970 and given the fact that there were no computers, it was carried out by means of wooden blocks.

On our site, you can find one of the most modern and improved games, which will help you quickly and efficiently develop your short-term memory, along with attention.

<-! Icon -> " «Attention is the material from which the memory is made, and the memory is the battery of human genius", therefore it is necessary to develop them in parallel, which is possible thanks to our trainers. Robert Lowell, Poet and playwright 

Even if a person has previously workouted on the trainer, and then stopped, the capacity of their brain preserves for a long time, even if it is not trained.

Trainer Essence

The game has several levels of difficulty. Start with the simplest and increase the difficulty. The trainer has the following features:

  1. Several colored squares are displayed on the game board;
  2. A player memorizes their location;
  3. After the disappearance of the squares, a player needs to put them in the same position as they were originally.

As the difficulty level increases, so does the size of the playing field, the number of colored squares, and the time in which they need to be remembered. The game also has three game lives. You lose a game life if you choose the wrong location of squares. With the loss of a game life, you move to a lower level of difficulty. The game offers ten exercises. For each of them, a person receives 1 point. This approach allows us to evaluate the development of our intellectual abilities in dynamics.

Memory Matrix Use

Memory Matrix is the modern method of training abilities of the human brain, which allows the following:

  • Expand the possibilities of short-term memory;
  • Enhance ability to memorize;
  • Increase the accuracy of memory;
  • Improve the work of visual memory;
  • Develop attention;
  • Speed up thinking.

Memory Matrix helps students memorize the learning material, it helps them concentrate on their studies and effectively prepare for the exam. On our site, the trainer is good for children as well. Nice graphics, interesting tasks will help the child in focusing on the game and develop their intellectual abilities with pleasure.

Memory Matrix is also widely used among novice drivers who have problems in concentrating on one thing, expanding the focus and thinking quickly on the road.

If a novice driver regularly comes to our site and trains with a "Memory Matrix", they quickly learns the rules of traffic and it becomes easier for them to navigate and think on the road.

IQClub Memory Matrices help not only people who study, but also people who work. If you train your brain regularly, efficiency increases, productivity becomes higher, you find it easier to concentrate on work and remember all the small details that are important in your professional field.

Besides the most popular modern version of the memory matrix, on IQClub site, you can find other popular trainers for development of thinking, memory and attention. Each person can choose the most suitable and interesting trainer.

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