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  • Develops memory rate
  • Improves semantic memory
  • Enhances memory capacity


Close connection between short-term memory and attention has been shown in scientific studies. It is this tandem that provides high performance of intelligence, grounds the ability to hold multiple objects in memory. The "2-Back" game is a classic trainer that increases the volume of short-term or working memory. Its main feature is the need to keep in mind, for a relatively long time, a few objects (the current and the previous figure). An additional condition for passing the training is a stability of attention. For many people, it is typical to rapidly change focus, they often are distracted and can not focus for a long period of time on solving specific problems. IQClub platformhas collected the best tools for self-development, which will help to keep your intellect in good shape and to expand your capabilities.

How It Works

In modern cognitive psychology, the theory of development of the intelligence mobility by using memorization is very popular. For that, the N-Back tast was successfully used during experimenting. It is a simple repetition of the numbers shown in several steps before the current value. This technique complements the well-known model of Beddly Alan, which determines the short-term memory, as a part of the long-term memory. Therefore, the ability to quickly memorize and reproduce information is the key to the development of intellectual abilities, improvement of productivity and quality of life. Training on "2-Back" improves cognitive processes in the brain, improves the perception of the outside world.

What It Gives

Working (short-term) memory is the fastest source of information for the brain. It contains all the data necessary to perform routine tasks, of everyday and professional type. In order to ensure high efficiency and rapid processing of all requests by the brain, the memory is in a state of continuous recording of new and deletion of undemanded information. Training with IQClub, you get a unique opportunity to improve the performance of the most frequently used memory. You will learn to concentrate on complex tasks, to keep your attention on the required objects, increase the memory capacity. These skills will be useful in work, you will improve your quality of life, eliminating the awkward moments associated with forgetfulness, distraction or inattention.


The player is given a sequence of three digits. The task is to remember it and to compare the new value with the previous. The answer could be selected "Yes" or "No" with the keys on the keyboard or the mouse pointer. The game is played until losing all game lives due to wrong answers or until the end of playing time. "2-Back" supports an adaptive mechanism for training construction. This means that the higher your results will be, the more difficult the game will be (reduced time for memorizing). After a few workouts, we recommend you to visit the personal account in the "Statistics" section. There, you can get information about the capabilities that are developed, about the dynamics of training. Pay attention to the trainers difficult for you, try to improve deficiencies in your capabilities.

How We Developed It

Most of games and tests of the IQClub service are developed by enhancing or improving the world-known techniques and cognitive tests. The "2-Back" game was first used in 1958 by the famous psychologist, V.K. Kirchner. Later, in 2008, as a result of Suzanne Yeggi research, the positive impact of such tasks on the development of intelligence was proved. We have tried to create a simple, comfortable and interesting game that would stimulate the interest in the development of cognitive functions again and again. If you want to get more information, we have a separate article about the N-back task

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