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  • Develops attention span
  • Improves attention switching
  • Enhances voluntary attention


The focus of recent cognitive psychology focuses on how our brain perceives the information, how analyzes objects, how compares the properties and characteristics. Attention of the person has such properties: concentration, stability, distribution, selectivity. "Visual Search" is specifically designed to improve the capabilities of visual search, to develop your attention and improve memory. There is an interesting phenomenon that reflects the vulnerability of our intellect - inattention blindness or invisible gorilla experiment. Its essence lies in the fact that when our brain is overloaded with incoming information, actively engaged in solving complex problems, it loses the ability to notice the obvious things, even those that are in front of the eyes. Effective fitness to teach the brain to expand your field of attention, increase the concentration and not lose very important for life and work events or objects.

How It Works

For comparison of a large number of objects they should be identified, analyzed, and their properties compared with the others. At the same time, our short-term memory is activated, the logical decision-making centers. After completing one task the brain immediately goes to the next. By focusing, step by step, we study the properties and characteristics of objects. "Visual Search" captures with very interesting gameplay. On the field there is a large number of similar elements, but among them one that is not like the rest of the color or shape. Neurons - cells, of which the brain consists, must always operate, interact, leading to the thought process. Otherwise, cells will eventually die off and the possibility of brain activity will be reduced. Fitness for the brain is a great opportunity to not only make your leisure diverse, but also to maintain your intellect in good shape.

What It Gives

Modern person is very busy. They has no time to train their memory, attention and thinking. In order to make a regular practice accessible and convenient, IQClub team has created a unique platform with more than 50 trainers. Attention is the key to successful professional and creative activity. By training it, you teach your intellect to permanent loads, causing various brain centers to actively cooperate, to work on a quick search for solutions. "Visual Search" will help to take the stress out of the day, to do interesting and exciting business, thereby expanding the possibilities of their own intelligence. You will learn how to quickly find the truth, the differences in the various properties of the object, improve memory and will notice improvement in concentration.


There is a number of images on the playing field. All of them are divided into groups of identical color and shape of objects, but one of them is lost, not alike all the rest. Your task is to find it as soon as possible. The "Visual Search" game supports an adaptive mechanism for automatic selection of difficulty. This means that your progress will result in increasing loads. Thus, training will be more interesting, more efficient and make your intellect work. Errors lead to a decrease in the number of game lives, and simplify the game. Do not forget to look into the personal account to compare the results of training and evaluation of development dynamics.

How We Developed It

In 1979 Richard Gregory suggested that perception is constructive and is based on our previous experience. According to the scientist, the person loses 90% of the information received through the eyes due to the fact that the brain constructs reality, seeks to create a logical hypothesis, compares the images, ensures consistency of incoming information. Creating the "Visual Search" game, we tried to use all the tools in order to achieve the maximum concentration of the player, their involvement in the search process unlike images. Back in the III century BC there were games of similar content, and IQClub, using computer technology, the ability to collect statistical data and automatic generation of training programs, developed simple and fun for everyone gaming algorithm. VisualSeachConjunction

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