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  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves memory accuracy
  • Enhances attention span


The vision for a person is the most important tool of perception of the surrounding world. The "Twins" game  is an excellent training after a hard day, exciting game for the cheerful company and a means of maintaining your intelligence on its toes. It is known that visual perception is more precisely focused on the analysis of objects, so we often use this knowledge to practical action. "Twins" teaches to choose from several disparate objects that are similar in certain characteristics.

How It Works

Visual sensations instantly transmit to the brain for processing. Catching up on the trainer, you focus your attention on the playing field in search of similar objects. The "Twins" game will help raise the level of concentration due to the rapid analysis of the properties of objects, comparing their performance, making an objective and informed decision. Day by day our consciousness develops, perceiving external factors such as sources of potentially useful information. Our brain has the ability to search for parts, share a common set of simple to complex entities, allocate separate elements of a single system. "Twins" forces the brain to show different forms of perception, to turn a simple observation into understanding.

What It Gives

You will learn to manage the flow of incoming information, to find the essence, make decisions quickly. Your perception will become more meaningful, thanks to a clear target setting and the availability of additional dissimilar objects, you will be able to disclose the contents deeper, to understand cause-and-effect relationships. The unity of the senses and logic will help answer questions correctly.


The player is offered a field with a number of different in design, color and shape objects. The task is simple - find two identical objects. It seems that it is too easy? IQClub team created for you an interesting gameplay that adapts to your ability and the results of training. The game continues until the expiry of the time or until all the lives are lost as a result of wrong answers. Carefully evaluate your game after the results, comparing them with the previous games. At any time from your personal account you can analyze the dynamics of the development of your personality, including the training with "Twins".

How We Developed It

Games that are developing attention were invented in the Middle Ages in the East, and were focused not so much on the children as the rich gentlemen who spent their time drinking tea, entertaining themselves by discernmenting images or remembering things. Modern technology and development, which are carefully gathered for you by IQClub team, make you efficiently use your time and achieve results. ribi_mnogo

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