Online tests for children

IQ Test for children

IQ test for children, developed by the British psychologist Hans Eysenck.

Test for the leading hemisphere of the brain

Just a few questions, and we will tell you exactly which hemisphere is the brain leading your child.

Test - are you a good parent?

This question is asked, perhaps, the vast majority of mothers and fathers. Our test will not give you an exact answer, but it will help to approach it.

Is the child ready for school?

The test reveals your child's readiness for school. Will help to see the degree of the child's readiness to enter the first grade.

Logic test

Author of the test IQClub team of psychologists at the logic and ingenuity of children.

Test for temperament by Eysenck

Eysenck's test for determining the type of temperament of a child that you can go online for free. Find out who your child is: choleric, melancholic, sanguine or phlegmatic?

Child Talent Test

Our test, compiled by psychologists for children 7-13 years old, will help determine the degree of talent of your child.