Development courses for children

The basis for the additional development of the child

                                    Speed reading course

Speed reading skill will allow you to be more efficient while learning on the job, doing your favorite hobby. Online course will not only help to master the skill of speed reading material, you will also learn how better to learn and remember it.

                                    Memory course

We have collected the best practices, useful techniques and exercises for the rapid development of memory. Spending a few minutes a day, you can develop the ability to effectively memorize even complex information.

                                    Attention course

Absent-mindedness is acquired during a person's life, and is not innate. In order for you to be an effective person, simply mastered the material encountered in school and at work, we have developed a unique course.

                                    Thinking development course

Want to learn to think outside the box? Our new course will go beyond the familiar, patternal thinking. Intelligence is a complex system that can and should be developed. The result of your training will not be long in coming, after the course you will improve not only your thinking, but also memory, imagination and attention.




Mnemonic (ancient Greek μνημονικόν -. Art of memorization) - a set of special techniques and methods that facilitate memorization necessary information and increase the amount of memory by forming associations (links). The new course is already in development.




Developing children through science-based online games.

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