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Perception of space includes the analysis of the distance, direction, size or shape of objects. There are two main directions in the development of psychological theory – nativists and genetists. Nativism is the thesis, which means that our perception is given by nature, at the same time, genetists argue that our perception becomes the result of obtaining of personal experience and personal development. Brain fitness offers a unique trainer, which is called "Objects Comparing", aimed at developing of your abilities to perceive, on the development of spatial thinking and improvement of concentration. This complex set simultaneously uses several mechanisms, including perception, memory, logic.

How It Works

It is no secret that one of the most important sources of information is the human eye. This sense organ is capable of distinguishing contours, relief, state of the object, its size and position in space. Naturally, all this is impossible without the data processing by the brain, which controls the activities of the eye and muscle tissue. There are plenty of scientific papers describing the mechanisms of the depth of feeling, movement of objects, etc. IQClub service enables the practical effect after the training with "Objects Comparing". The player sees two fields - the original (right) and the picture with the possible emergence or disappearance of items, changing of their position. It will be necessary not only to find an error in the "copy", but also to take a logically tuned decision - is this the same image? At this point, your brain will actively distinguish the outlines of objects, their borders, define the shape, number and position of the image against the field.

What It Gives

These intuitive and simple exercises can accelerate the reaction rate, increase concentration, to achieve the development of logic and generate the right solutions at home or during professional activities. The speed of our thinking greatly depends on genetic predisposition. However, regular exercises and work aimed at personal development will help you to learn to quickly analyze incoming information, generate informed decisions, find the connections.


The right picture is the original. You are a professional detective,you will have to determine the differences in the proposed picture to the left at a glance. The more elements are there, he more difficult is the game. Remember, a wrong answer will result in the loss of the game life. Quick answers will help to get more points and increase the load on your thinking and attention. The game continues until the end of the playing time or until your mistakes result in loss of all game lives. As a result, you get a workout statistics reflecting the dynamics of your development.

How We Developed It

Spatial thinking, concentration and decision-making algorithms started to be actively explored in the early nineteenth century. Modern research has shifted the focus from the "innate" abilities to acquired or improved. For example, experiments conducted with people who were born blind, but, after the operation, were able to see, proved the existence of a mechanism to improve the perception of objects through the use of life experience and the development of connections in the brain. IQClub is a revolutionary service designed by leading scientists, psychologists, programmers, designers. We implement practical function - increase of intelligence, skill, memory, speed of thinking of the people, who regularly devote time to training and supporting the tone of your cognitive functions.

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