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  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves attention span
  • Enhances memory accuracy


"Concentration" is an exciting game, which will enhance the capabilities of your attention. List of cognitive IQClub service trainers would not be complete without the legendary "Concentration". Our team has changed the algorithm of the game, having made it more challenging, fun and colorful. Instead of similar objects made in the same style and color, our players receive kits with bright décor and a complex form. The world leaves a strong impact on our consciousness, affects the success, efficiency, life satisfaction. Regular training with an individual program on the "Concentration" trainer will improve the perception of the objects around us, it will increase your memory and increase the ability to concentrate on your work.

How It Works

Person’s attention is an amazingly flexible, versatile and indispensable for the development mechanism. IQClub proposes to start to actively engage in the development of cognitive function, in a convenient form of a game in order to make achievement of your goals easier and faster. Connection between training on attention and memory efficiency, its capacity, speed of play of once obtained information has long been known. Remembering the objects in pairs, their location, shape, color, you improve the connection between the parts of the brain responsible for storing, playback, learning. The training program is designed for the optimum development of your memory, is made automatically, based on the results. When launching the "Concentration", you activate the process of obtaining personal experience, improve the perception of knowledge, expansion of the individual features.

What It Gives

Watching the objects in the form of a game, you are getting to know its properties, save on a subconscious level information about it, as of the experience that can be useful in the future. Moreover, the information should not just go into a store without control, but must be quickly and qualitatively reproduced. After a regular practice on the "Concentration" trainer, you will be able to make sure that your memory has improved, difficulty in remembering mobile phones, addresses, consumer information will disappear. Effective professional activity is impossible without constant interaction with your memory. Even the diary does not help to maintain the dynamics of modern life. IQClub is an investment in yourself, your desire to get better every day and get the deserved fruits of your labor.


The playing field consists of areas in which the images appear broken up into pairs. Your task is to memorize and reproduce the information obtained by selecting identical pictures location. Game time is running out, and the highest number of correct answers must be given. Each error leads to loss of the game life and decreases the difficulty level. The system automatically adjusts the size of the playing field on the basis of the results of your game.

How We Developed It

The "Concentration" game is a modified versionof the famous children's "Memory" game, whose main task is to find pairs of identical objects. Similar tests were widely used by psychologists from the beginning of the twentieth century in order to correct the memory, diagnose various disorders associated with the preservation and reproduction of information. The issue of memory is relevant and has not been resolved up to now. Mankind knows so little about the processes occurring in the brain, despite the presence of powerful tools in the form of scanners, computers and statistical studies. However, IQClub team has collected the best methods and tools for development of attention, memory, speed of thinking. Even such game as "Concentration" simultaneously activates several intellectual activity mechanisms.

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