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Experiencing the world begins with sensations and perceptions. Efficiency and overall quality of life depend on how we are able to quickly assess the situation and conditions or the incoming data. Perception is only a tool, while the major role in the life is is played by attention and thinking ... Over the years, cognitive function deteriorates, reproduction becomes more difficult, and quick memorizing of series of numbers is no longer that simple. Many will say that it is natural, but recent studies have shown that regardless of age, our individual skills, we can improve memory, increase its capacity and speed of interaction with consciousness. Regular brain fitness and the unique "Geo Counter" game will help to achieve high results.

How It Works

"Geo Counter" activates areas of the brain responsible for working memory. The first time, on your screen you will see a small amount of colored squares, the better the results will be, the more complicated the task will be, in proportion to the progress - time of of the working area appearance will decrease, the amount of visible elements will increase. A simple calculation will not be enough anymore, since the time of appearance of painted objects will be negligible. Each of us have heard about the "photographic memory" (edeitical memory). IQClub service and the "Geo Counter" game with regular workouts will enable development of the capabilities that you did not even know about.

What It Gives

Training based on automatically compiled training program, or with your favorite simulators, you develop the capabilities of your brain. Its cognitive functions are in close interaction with the development of thinking, there is a positive effect on attention or memory. In turn, the memory is the basis, which provides a gradual increase in intelligence and accelerates emotional saturation. The  "Geo Counter" game improves several characteristics of memory: capacity, memorizing speed, reproduction speed, accuracy. IQClub service and the "Geo Counter" game allow to take life into your own hands and perform self-development, investing time and efforts into your own success.


There is a workspace with a number of painted squares, which appears for a short time. Your task is as follows: answer how many squares were on the screen. The game continues until losing of all game lives or until the end of playing time. The intelligent algorithm for constructing an optimal training plan responds to your advances. Accordingly, the wrong answers lower the difficulty, and the correct ones - increase the number of elements in the field and reduce the time allowed for memorizing. The main features of brain fitness in IQClub service are a unique integrated approach, the use of the most advanced research and software system, for development of the optimal load, which means the effective development of your personality.

How We Developed It

Mnemonics (Gr. "The art of memorizing") is known to mankind since the days of primitive society, when the wise men, shamans and priests were forced to memorize a large number of vital and important information for the tribe. Since the days of the ancient Greeks, medieval monks, science has advanced in its studies. The active memory theory formed by G. Piaget, A. Wallon and T. Ribot says that the development of human capacity is based on active interaction with external signs. Statistical data confirms the efficiency of self-development with use of software trainers, and the IQClub team will let you make sure of it. For this purpose, you can watch the progress of development of your abilities in personal account.

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