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According to modern research, it is known that just 2000-2500 years ago, working memory capacity of humans was two times less than of a modern Homo Sapiens. Given that the structural differences were not found by the scientists, a clear link established between the working memory capacity and intellectual abilities in general. IQClub service is a unique platform where you can regularly improve cognitive abilities by using modern and high-performance trainers. The most famous psychological tests, puzzles and advanced technologies of intellectual abilities improvement are the basis of software system. The "Brain Food" game helps to increase the working memory capacity, which is useful in everyday life, professional activities, makes your life more comfortable and full of pleasant emotions.

How It Works

Darwin believed that the differences between the intellect of the human and of the monkey are expressed not only in quality but also in quantity. Monkeys have the same intellectual abilities, they can memorize, perform mathematical calculations, understand the laws of logic and establish cause-and-effect relationships. However, their skills are less developed, which determines the evolutionary leap experienced millions of years ago by our ancestors. It is known that memory can and should develop. The "Brain Food" game is an excellent way to fitness the brain regularly. The dynamic trainer enhances the interconnections between the different parts of the brain, and inevitably leads to an increase in the working memory capacity. Due to the fact that the information is not stored in particular dedicated part of the brain, but is distributed over the neurons, which are involved in this or that event, there is a need to strengthen existing interconnections and create new ones. This mechanism of development allows to perform complex tasks like computers; to become even more effective.

What It Gives

Working memory is everything you concentrate your attention upon at the moment. The "Brain Food" trainer implements a simple and intuitive mechanism to achieve high results. You will need to keep in mind as many objects and their properties as possible. Such practice, despite the complex and not fully discovered structure of memory, increases speed of thinking, provides a high tone of the intellect and provides high-quality memorization and recalling of the information by your brain. Moreover, you will learn to concentrate, develop volitional powers and will get an opportunity to switch to other activities that help you relax and relieve stress.


"Brain Food" is a simple game that will appeal to both adults and children. The challenge is to select objects that you did not choose previously. Each new cycle complicates the problem, because your memory will hold more and more new dishes. Every mistake leads to a decrease in game lives. The game continues until the end of time or until the loss of all lives. As a result, you get reward points that can be compared with the previous values in the table. If you need more detailed analysis of the memory development process using the "Brain Food", check out the personal account, "Statistics" section, where it is possible to estimate the rate of development of memory, attention or thinking processes.

How We Developed It

Scientists have found that short-term working memory capacity of the average person is 7 ± 2. For most animals, this factor does not usually exceed 2. Many scientists agree that short-term memory is a key to the development of the civilization, the source of the human race uniqueness. IQClub team tried to create a simple, dynamic and exciting game, which is able to effectively improve the intellectual abilities of person. Bright colors, images of food and style stir up excitement from the trainer. IQClub platform is a modern tool for the development of cognitive functions, improvement of intelligence, increase of work capacity.

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