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Find Changes

  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves memory accuracy
  • Enhances visual memory


As a result of huge number of studies, it was found that regular exercise and loads on cognitive abilities stimulate their development, improve the speed of information exchange, and thus, your performance. The "Find Changes" game is a great trainer, which aims to increase the amount of working memory. It is designed to operate at once with 5-7 elements, which can be words, sounds or images and they are needed to move the information into long-term memory. But, the memory capacity can be increased and developed, and such tool as "Find Changes" game can help. The user will have only few moments to remember and identify objects on the screen, and then correctly determine their position on the screen. It's a great load for the brain.

How It Works

Working memory is the fastest and most commonly used type of memory. With its help, we solve everyday and professional problems. There are four types of processes in cognitive psychology that realize the memory mechanism: memorizing, storage, reproduction and forgetting. Among other things, our thinking depends on how quickly they go, because working memory is the main source of data for the analysis of objects of the world. Parts of the brain responsible for working memory, are located in the frontal and parietal and temporal parts of the brain. Regular training on"Find Changes" improves existing links in the cerebral cortex, leads to the improvement of the mechanism of interaction with the decision-making centers.

What It Gives

As a result of numerous studies, it was shown that the working memory capacity influences the level of human intelligence. Moreover, studying the behavior and intelligence of monkeys, scientists have concluded that a hypothetically monkey can become a human, but for this, it does not have enough memory. The "Find Changes" game is a task with a lot of elements that require memorization. In parallel with this process, your brain needs you to answer, what has changed and what is the difference between the two sets of objects - your interpretation (memories) and the proposed set. The ability to make conclusions quickly, the development of logical thinking and the ability to find the relationship is very useful in your professional activities. They will make you an effective leader or an employee ready for any difficulties.


On the screen, a set of colorful elements is presented. When the time ends, it is replaced by a copy of the original, with a wrong object. Your task is to find it. The order of the pictures can be changed. Depending on the results, the app will automatically make the training program with optimal load. Two correct answers will lead to the increase in the number of stored items, a mistake will reduce the level of difficulty and reduce the amount of game lives. The game continues as long as you have game lives or until time runs out.

How We Developed It

Working memory should be limited to some extent. IQClub team created a trainer that is able to develop the volume of short-term memory, in terms of operating with simple, manageable and easily retrievable information. This enables reorganization, combination and memorization of much more objects, develops attention and concentration.

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