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Rock Memory

  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves memory accuracy
  • Enhances spatial memory


Any technique and methodology of the development of intelligence includes development of the capacity and accuracy of working memory. This is important for professional growth, improvement of efficiency, but also enhances comfort at home, saturates your life with a lot of pleasant memories. The "Rock Memory" game is a vivid and effective trainer, created in the spirit of magic tricks. IQClub helps to make brain fitness convenient, interesting and productive. All your work will be compensated, the distinction of our trainers is that they provide full information on the progress in the development of skills. Users of the service at any moment can login to a personal account and estimate the plenty of the parameters: the development of skills, difference with the initial results, change over time. By providing powerful tools, practicing with "Rock Memory", you will find an increase in the amount of memory shortly, improvement in concentration, will be able to develop the skill to quickly memorize and high-quality reproduce even complex information.

How It Works

It's no secret that the human body develops more effectively, if it is constantly loaded. As muscles, memory can expand after training. The human body is very economical, so what is not involved in the work of the brain, quickly dies. Despite the fact that the information space is increasingly saturated with the visual information, the mankind is gradually losing the possibility to memorize more, as they use the phone, phonebook, tablets, IT. IQClub and the "Rock Memory" game is a special trainer, developed by scientists, clinical psychologists and mathematicians, which will help to load memory to make it work and develop.

What It Gives

By learning to effectively interact with the memory, and to remember more and quicker, you'll be able to do more and faster and achieve significantly better results in education, professional work and personal life. IQClub implements a comprehensive approach to human self-development, we can find some exercises for attention, thinking, memory. ' Just a few minutes a day will help to keep your mind in shape, keep it in tone, in readiness to achieve the most ambitious goals. Analyzing the playing field, you hone your ability to selective thinking, focused attention, the brain quickly generates a sequence of responses. Of course, our capabilities are largely determined by the nature of the instincts, but the "Rock Memory" trainer helps them to improve, will provide the deserved result.


The player's task is to identify the stunt of a dexterous magician. On the playing, additional items sequentially appear, and you need to find one that was not on the previous slide. More elements mean higher complexity of the game. Correct answers will add bonus points, a wrong ones will result in the loss of game life. To select a new item - click on it with the mouse.

How We Developed It

One of the key tasks of IQClub service is to increase interest in the game simulators. Thanks to this, users do not need to include strong will and overcome laziness or lack of willingness to engage in self-development. The effectiveness of such work will be close to zero. The "Rock Memory" game, on the other hand, has all the necessary qualities to attract the attention of people of any age group. It is dynamic, is made in a competitive spirit, allows you to reset your stress after a hard working day. Positive attitude is very important in any business, and thanks to the clear and accessible information about your successes, you can get an extra stimulation to exercise more.

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