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Memory Compare

  • Develops thinking speed
  • Improves logic
  • Enhances semantic memory
We all know the simple ways to improve the quality of our memory:
  • Good sleep;
  • No stress;
  • Sufficient physical activity;
  • The proper and balanced nutrition;
  • Simple exercises for memorizing or reproduction.
"Brain Fitness" is something new. The project team consists of researchers, programmers, mathematicians, the best experts on the gamification of learning. We have assembled the most effective techniques that allow you to open up new opportunities for your brain. The "Memorize & Compare" game, despite its simplicity, is able to create the conditions for a good memory, improve concentration and attention span. It is very dynamic and it allows you to keep long interest in the game. Visual images are remembered by far better than the hearing, however, in this case, your eidetic memory should work together with voluntary attention and cognitive control in order to correctly answer the simple question: "The current figure is higher or lower than the previous."

How It Works

"Memorize & Compare" trains well a complex of cognitive functions, among them - working memory, voluntary attention and speed of thinking. Due to the accounting system of your performance, you will be able to assess the dynamics of your memory. It is important to not only accurately answer questions, but also to do it quickly. The timer function is the additional stimulation to improve the personal record. Training of visual memory occurs due to an instantaneous recognition of the number image, and its memorization. Then goes a reproduction of the assessment process with respect to the previous one. We need to quickly analyze the numbers and make the right decisions at lightning speed. Each of your answers is a ground of memorized material and forming of meaningful relationships.

What It Gives

Ability of fast decision making is individual. Our brain requires constant saturation of new information, processing huge volumes of it. IQClub offers a simple, affordable and effective way to improve the performance of your brain activity. The "Memorize & Compare" game will be useful to everyone, because brain activity, as well as physical exercise leads to an improvement of the original features, particularly with regular workouts. The entire development process is fully automated. Unique and one of a kind simulator was created to improve the cognitive functions of the brain, personal development and improve intelligence. The speed of sound decision-making depends on efficiency. Increasing of working ability occurs in a simple and understandable form of a game, so take a few minutes of your time to train, you will be able to develop yourself step-by-step.


"Memorize & Compare" has a simple and intuitive operation mechanism. Your task is to quickly perceive the number on the screen to compare it with the previous one. At the bottom just two buttons are located - "More" and "Less". For each correct answer, you will receive points, wrong answer results in the loss of one of the three game lives. The game continues until the expiration of playing time or until the loss of the last game life. At the end of the game you will be able to obtain information on the previous results, to assess the dynamics of the development of your abilities.

How We Developed It

Numerous studies have allowed to determine that regular memory training can achieve great results - an increase in the volume of memorized information, ease of playback and most importantly storage duration in fast memory. IQClub is a unique complex of training of cognitive abilities, which is based on an effective world-famous methods and our own researches.

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