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  • Develops creativity
  • Improves thinking speed
  • Enhances logic


People able to make complex mathematical calculations in mind have been always respected and admired by cooleagues or bystanders of such skill. The "Math Comparison" game was created in order to develop abstract thinking, your intellectual abilities, including memory, attention, creativity and concentration. These skills will be useful not only in professional activity, but also in everyday life, making life comfortable and saving you from awkward moments when you need an urgent response, and your thinking is in a state of stupor.

How It Works

Experience and training play an important role in the development of any skill, that is how our intelligence is working. Thanks to the IQClub service, you can, at any time convenient for you, as a rest or a targeted training, improve skills and support thinking process shape. The ability of quick and complex calculation is based not only on the inclinations obtained from nature. "Math Comparison" will sharpen the process of making simple and complex decisions on the basis of mathematical operations. This practice is often called heuristics, which contains tasks solution strategies without careful and detailed research. Such strategies can quickly respond without thinking about each step, but weighing conditions and comparing them with the task.

What It Gives

IQClub team improved the classical algorithm of mathematical counting element through the adoption of a logical solution. You need to not only solve two equations correctly, but also to determine which of the answers is bigger. This game is interesting, entertaining, and requires more attention. After training with the "Math Comparison", you will begin to notice that you have become more concentrated, learned how to quickly switch attention, improved the capacity for rapid decision-making and mathematical counting in mind. Our efforts are aimed at creating a universal and integrated approach for the development of the human brain abilities. Complementing your regular training by using of these simulators, you can in the shortest time get the results of work and time invested.


It's all simple. There are two equations and one question. Solve a mathematical expression and compare the results as soon as possible. To answer, use the keyboard or the mouse button. Two correct answers will lead to higher levels of difficulty. The main difference between IQClub trainers and other services is the algorithm for constructing training. We have implemented a mechanism in which your training will have the optimum load. You will spend less time to achieve the best effect.

How We Developed It

In modern cognitive psychology a lot of attention is received by the works aimed at the study of heuristic analysis methods. This is not surprising because, despite the fact that mankind has made great strides in the study of space, deep sea, the exact sciences, we are still far from realizing the phenomenon of our own intelligence. IQClub creators have set themselves the mission of developing user abilities, creating all the necessary conditions to increase the interest in studies, training efficiency and incresing return on effort and energy spent. We have added an interesting mathematical sequence algorithm that will reduce your dependence on the so-called "anchors". This happens in cases where as the result of sequence of answer-response cycles, our intelligence, due to overload or association with the previous answer, generates the wrong interpretation. Without going into scientific details, the "Math Comparison" game was created as a simple and affordable way to improve your ability to relax after a busy day or to keep your intellect in good shape.

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