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Flanger Task

  • Develops attention switching
  • Improves voluntary attention
  • Enhances attention concentration


Attention is the selective activity on the perception of a single object. The ability to switch between tasks, receive and analyze information quickly, concentrate and bring the case to the completion makes us efficient in our professional activities and everyday life. "Flanker Task" will help to develop voluntary attention, concentration and to increase the speed of information processing. Moreover, attention is strongly associated with willpower, inner desire and the ability to achieve goals. The development of voluntary attention will require considerable effort from the person; it is volitional support that is sometimes not enough to achieve a large and far-sighted goals. Human nature is to systematically plan their activities, but only a small percentage of people reach their imaginative horizons. "Flanker Task" is an excellent way of developing attention, which relieves stress after a work day and allows a little relaxation.

How It Works

IQClub created a simple and intuitive trainer, which has proved its effectiveness. You will eventually be able to prove the results of training, using data on the results in the personal account. Training of voluntary attention significantly depends on the characteristics of the human psyche, their upbringing, development, talents. The "Flanker Task" game is available in the player-friendly environment. Keeping interest in the training process, you preserve the stability of attention. A pack of birds appears on the screen. During training, you must perform several actions: see the pack, find the middle bird, recognize the direction of its movement and give the correct answer. The more you engage your intelligence, the better is the interaction between memory, attention and thinking .

What It Gives

Attention is one of the most fragile components of cognitive activity, there is the development of attention problems at an early age and there is no more acute question then the one of the retention of attention at any age. Affordable fitness for the brain with the help of interesting and dynamic "Flanker Task" will help achieve greater concentration during operation, will teach how to be concentrated, to maintain a high capacity for work throughout the day. The trainer has the integrated mechanism for automatic load control. Elements of the competition will be the additional stimulation for regular training, and your successes can be evaluated after the collection of statistical data in your account, and it will become a source of pride and self-satisfaction.


Using the arrows on the keyboard or the virtual buttons and mouse, you should indicate the direction of the middle movement of the middle bird of the flock. Training has the time limit and in the end, the player receives a certain number of points. A wrong answer reduces the number of game lives. It is needed to recognize the average bird quickly and accurately, and give the answer. The results of your previous three workouts can be seen in the menu after completion of the game. If you are interested in the success of the week, month or the entire period of training in IQClub - you can see them in your account in the "Statistics" section.

How We Developed It

Flanker task was proposed in 1974 by Barbara and Charles Eriksen as a way of diagnosing the dynamics of attention and cognitive processes involved in the detection and recognition of targets in distractions. After 40 years, a team of scientists from the Moscow State University has released a modern version of this problem.

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