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At IQClub, we aim to unlock every child’s potential. Our platform offers a rich digital library and an AI reading buddy that supports and enhances reading skills. Children can choose to read independently or engage with our AI teacher to improve their reading levels through interactive feedback and gamification.



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I’m amazed at how quickly my daughter has taken to IQClub! In just one weekend, she’s devoured 10 books and is constantly asking for more. The quality of the books and the AI recommendations really cater to her interests, making reading a joy for her!
IQClub is a game changer for my two boys who were hesitant readers before. Now, they’re exploring new topics daily and can’t wait to tell me about what they’ve read. The platform’s interactivity and engaging book selection have made all the difference.
Thank you, IQClub, for transforming our reading routine! My son used to be picky about books, but with the extensive and intriguing library you offer, he’s now reading without any nudging from me. It’s wonderful to see him so engaged and confident!

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Engage your child with daily reading workouts on IQClub, designed to challenge their skills and enhance comprehension. Each session is tailored to keep learning fresh and exciting, ensuring consistent progress in their literacy journey.

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Kids can read at any time, in any place and at an individual pace
  • Expansive Collection

    Expansive Collection

    Extensive library of books and audiobooks.

  • Child-Driven Choice

    Child-Driven Choice

    Children have the freedom to select and explore their reading materials.

  • Safety Assured

    Assured Safety Measures

    A safe environment for kids, offering peace of mind for adults.

  • Cross-device access

    Cross-device access

    IQClub ensures seamless cross-device access, allowing children to read and learn on any device with synchronized progress.

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