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Scientifically-designed games

Keeps your child actively learning every second they’re online.

Curriculum and beyond

Develops your child’s fundamentals for a lifetime of learning.

Boosts confidence

IQClub provides encouraging and overbearing learning experiences to inspire learning confidence.

Online Education that Actually Works

At our core, we value learning over studying. Our innovative approach emphasizes games and play-based teaching, providing an engaging and effective way to learn.

Online Education that Actually Works

Child Development Courses

Unlock your full potential with our constantly evolving course library. Develop critical skills including memory, attention, thinking, keyboard typing, and soft-skills to succeed in all areas of life.

Child Development Courses

Online tests for children and parents

Discover your child’s potential with our program. Parents can assess their child’s temperament or IQ, and take online tests themselves. With an extra section available for homework or free time study, self-discovery has never been easier.

Online tests

Track your child’s progress

Stay connected with your child’s progress through our Parent Dashboard. Easily track their IQClub usage, monitor the topics they’re learning about, and review their performance to stay informed.

Track your child’s progress

Success stories

See what our users have to say!

Excellent experience, best game recommend for children to play in free time. Lot of things to learn.
My two children LOVE IQClub! They play regularly by request. It challenges them without frustrating them.
The IQClub activities are fun! My daughter loves how it turns concepts like fractions and division into play.

IQClub for Teachers is...

Standards-aligned curriculum
Discover the right skills to achieve your learning objectives with IQClub. Our program makes it effortless to identify and practice the necessary skills for success.
Fun, personalized assignments
Assignments leverage the best of AI and brain science to adapt to the right level and pace for each student.
Classroom-ready teaching tool
Engage your students wherever they are with the most engaging learning experience. Now and forever, free for teachers!

IQClub for Kids is...

Gamified Learning
Stay engaged from start to finish with IQClub. Earn stars, collect points, and compare your performance with others to stay motivated and achieve your goals.
Self confidence
Promote learning confidence without being overbearing. Our program encourages children to take charge of their own learning and achieve success at their own pace.
New hobbies
Transform studying into a rewarding hobby with IQClub. Our modern games provide an engaging and enjoyable way for children to achieve academic success.
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