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Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce some significant changes to our IQClub service! IQClub has now transformed into a reading assistant for children, designed to help your kids improve their reading skills and comprehension.Reading plays a crucial role in a child’s development, enhancing their vocabulary, understanding, and analytical abilities.

Our reading assistant is created to make the reading process both fun and educational.All our educational games and progress tracking have moved to a new domain: On this site, you will find all your favorite games and be able to monitor your children’s progress.

All their activity statistics have been fully transferred.We are also pleased to inform you that all previously purchased subscriptions will continue to be valid on both platforms – and

For new purchases, subscriptions will need to be bought separately for each platform.Both projects will continue to grow, complementing each other and offering even more opportunities for your children’s learning and development.

We are confident that this update will make the learning process even more engaging and effective.Thank you for being with us!


The IQClub and IQClass Team

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