How to divide by 5 quickly?


They say: “Mathematics is the gymnastics of the mind.” Truly, the right words. Calculations made in the mind, without a calculator, a pencil and other “improvised tools”, perfectly develop the brain. In addition, you gain confidence in that, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, you will calmly manage yourself.

A few dozen years ago in schools there was such a subject – “ mental arithmetics”, in the classroom students learned to calculate in the mind – multiply, divide, add and subtract numbers., we all know from our own experience that it is much more difficult to divide in the mind than, for example, multiplying. In order to divide orally, one must know the technique of contracted division and, naturally, the multiplication table. For example, there is a way that will help your child learn how to divide by 5 quickly.

How it’s done?

The method of rapid division by 5 is very simple. Naturally, he implies that the child knows the multiplication table “inside out.” For example, we will not take numbers that are in the multiplication table, and your pupil remembers them well. Let’s take something more complicated. For example:

  • 165
  • 238
  • 482
  • 1026

As we recall, multiplying is easier than dividing. And multiply by 2 – virtually within the power of all students. So, to quickly divide any number by 5, it must first be multiplied by 2! What will result from multiplication is almost the answer to the question: “How much will it be if you divide the number by 5?” It is only necessary to separate the last digit in the number of the work by a comma.

Let’s check.

We take the number 165, multiply it by 2, we get 330 as a result, we get the last digit, that is, zero, and we get the number 33. It is this number that is the result of dividing the number 165 by 5. It’s that simple, you can check on the calculator.

Shall we continue.

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  • 238х2 = 476.


238:5 = 47,6.

  • 482х2 = 964.


482:5 = 96,4.

  • 1026х2 = 2052.


1026:5 = 205,2.

the simple stroke of a genius.

One more thing. If we are already talking about a mental arithmetics, then it is necessary to train the memory for such calculations: it is necessary to keep all the calculation in mind.

By the way, if your student has a well-developed visual memory, he can try to mentally divide “into a column.” This method is not as “fast” as the previous one, but it can be used as an option.

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