What is mental mathematics for children?


Parents who wish their children to present the most useful education in an interesting form attract modern methods of studying subjects. Recently, they are concerned with finding new options for studying mathematics, which would allow simultaneously not only to develop the speed of computation, but also to develop logic. What is mental mathematics for children? How does the training work? How quickly the results of the teaching show up?

How the child’s training occurs?

The child studies mental arithmetic from 4 to 16 years. Depending on the level of training, the level of study is determined accordingly. Provided that classes are held at least twice a week, each level has a duration of three to four months. Let’s give you heads up, the results of training are amazing: in a year the child is able to verbally perform the calculations of numbers in the mind.

The basis of training is a tool – the suanpan, which resembles wooden accounts figs. Pupils work with the instrument physically, fingering the elements. Step by step children develop imagination. They can represent the suanpan in their head and are able to solve even complex computational examples.

Developed 10 – 12 stages of teaching arithmetics, which the pupil undertakes to go during 12 years. Lessons, which contain expressions of a computational nature, should alternate with creative activities. Gradually, the tasks on the subject become more complicated, but the child rarely sees the difference, as he learned to concentrate. After 5-6 months of fruitful work, one can see global changes in the pupil’s abilities.

The above mathematical method is not an individual direction. It fits perfectly into the well-designed system of early development of children. The child does not feel pressure from the teacher, does not feel psychological comfort, so he can fully open his potential and maximize the use of brain work.

How do the child’s abilities develop with the help of mental mathematics?

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And now let’s take a closer look at the mental method of developing mathematical abilities. The path to success in the study of arithmetic directly depends on the well-coordinated work of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. For most people around the globe, the development of the left hemisphere is more fruitful, it prevails over the right. Therefore imagination, creative thinking, fantasy works badly.

Left hemispheric development of brain activity Right hemispheric development of brain activity
Intensive stimulation of fine motor skills of hands  Simultaneous use of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, as the left and right hands work, namely the thumb and index finger in the same mode
Visual representation of calculation steps and results of performed actions The main work occurs in the mind with imaginary accounts


The mental method of teaching the arithmetic to a child successfully works in 52 countries of the world. Every year the number of students increases because the methodology gives high results, which shock psychologists, teachers, scientists in the mathematical industry.

The use of mental arithmetic is reflected in any human activity

Learning to count quickly is not the only task of mental arithmetic. Classes on this technology contribute to the training of neural connections of the brain, develop the speed of their work, as well as the quality of thinking:

  1. Knowledge of arithmetic is significantly expanded; the child receives high marks. The pupil shows curiosity.
  2. It is known that mathematical abilities are closely connected with reading. The development of certain qualities has a direct effect on others.
  3. The child equally develops the working capacity of the right and left hands, which is especially important for musicians, operators, technicians.
  4. The child becomes focused and acquires self-confidence. He gets a self-esteem, a desire to learn more.
  5. Analytical thinking develops. Attention concentrates, facts, dates and other valuable information are memorized quickly.
  6. A child learns perseverance, tries to be responsible for the work done, acts and deeds in general.

Let’s be frank to the end and try to touch upon the negative impact on the children’s brain of mental arithmetic. As practice shows, at the first lessons, the child makes mistakes even in those examples that previously solved easily. This is not a reason for getting sad. Child’s psyche and intellectual abilities develop in each child individually. Only time can show a high result of the work done.

Another argument as a denial of the use of the suanpan: there is no need to spend a lot of time to solve complex problems that he will not have to face in the future. When it comes to solving multistage tasks, it is more useful and fun for the child to consider the stages of action than to calculate what the final answer will be.

It is important to remember that any training unites the work of a teacher and a student. The child must be engaged daily. Gradually, he develops the habit of working, the desire to learn new and interesting things.

Why is the technique so popular now?

Modern children are not able to concentrate and fulfil the tasks, indicated by the teacher. They have distracted attention, there is no desire to develop intellectually. The school places high demands on pupils, updating the curriculum annually. Children are reluctant to do their homework, as in many cases they face a psychological barrier due to fear of misunderstanding. In order to form a child’s memory, imagination, attention, ordering of thoughts, most parents bring their kids to the centres where the instruction takes place according to the eastern method. Teachers in training apply a different approach, different from the standard used in public schools. Teachers will explain that the child has the right to make a mistake, but at the same time must identify it by himself. As a consequence, children are responsible for their activities.

The tradition of using the suanpan came to us from Asian countries. According to statistics, schoolchildren from Japan take prizes in the world olympiads annually. It is of great importance in what form and for how long the lesson goes, as well as what qualifications the teacher has. It is recommended to apply to specialized educational institutions, in which training takes place according to patented methods. But the study of science at home is also possible because accounts figs can be purchased in many online stores.

Develop the abilities of your children, familiarize them with new techniques and teach you to enjoy the educational process. All this will guarantee the further intellectual development of the child

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