FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Account, registration and password recovery

  • How to log in to IQClub through social networks?

    For quick access to IQClub you can use your accounts on Facebook, Vkontakte or MyWorld. First you need to logout to get to the main page. On the main page in the "Login" tab there are three buttons: Facebook, VKontakte and MyWorld. Select the social network in which you are registered.

  • How to register two accounts on one computer?

    You can create a second account for brain training on IQClub very simple: go through the registration procedure again, specifying a new email address. After activating the account, you will be able to practice on IQClub shoulder to shoulder without fear for your own statistics: individual results will be saved for each account even on a single computer.

    If you have forgotten your password, please use password recovery page. We will send an email with instructions on how to recover your password.

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