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  • Develops memory accuracy
  • Improves memory rate
  • Enhances visual memory


Eye is one of the main sources of information for our brain. Researchers found that the resulting information that comes through the optic nerve forms the basis of our perception. The "Spatial Speed Comparing" game involves multiple areas of the brain. The main feature of this trainer is high dynamics of training, bright and saturated images, the need to increase the speed of thought to give correct answers. The phenomenon of perception is still not fully understood, but now the effectiveness of these development programs has been proved by experiments. IQClub becomes a convenient platform for the improvement of intellectual abilities, and regular fitness for the brain will help it to stay in good shape and be ready for the implementation of complex and outstanding tasks.

How It Works

During the trainings the player must use their potential: memory, logical thinking, perception mechanism. The quicker we make decisions, the better our intellect will be. As you progress through systematic training the brain begin to form new interconnections inside it, improve the interaction between active brain centers while playing. During the lessons you need to quickly capture and clean short-term memory, but the main task is to make a logical decision about the identity or difference of shape and color of the displayed figures. The game is part of the premium service package of IQClub. It is very dynamic, and scoring system of prize points brings the spirit of competition and rivalry to the gameplay. Living, working and encountering in your path with tasks that differ in complexity, it is important to be able to quickly perceive the world. Fitness for the brain will help to transform your life from the uncomprehended to purposeful action to achieve new heights in your career and saturate life with bright emotions and unique sensations of your own success.

What It Gives

Perception, speed of thinking, memory size are largely determined by the nature of the instincts, professional activities, living conditions, etc. However, regular exercise at the IQClub platform will improve concentration indicators, will make your life free of awkward moments when you forget a phone number, an address or a recipe. The "Spatial Speed Comparing" game was created in order to accelerate your ability to make decisions. Intelligence is a complex and closely interacting system of mechanisms of memory, thinking, and attention. It is impossible to develop one skill, and not affect others, so the ability to concentrate and remember more information will help to become more collected, creative and logical in your decisions.


On the playing field, there is a complex, colorful figure. The player's task is to remember it and compare with the newly-found object. If the previous figure was identical in color and form - the correct answer is "Yes." More answers - more bonus points. Every mistake will lead to the loss of the game life. Training continues for as long as the player has the time left for one course of training. The dynamics of your progress can be assessed by looking in your personal account. There you will find convenient tools to assess your success, divided by type of cognitive abilities, the gaming period and skills. The top of the pyramid indicates the percentage progress obtained since the start of training in IQClub service.

How We Developed It

There are two main theories that describe our perception: downlink and uplink processing of sensory information. Richard Gregory proposed model that involves the use by the intelligence of regularly emerging hypotheses on the basis of which senses perception happens. The brain analyzes the experiences and collects contextual data as pieces of the puzzle into a single picture. Theory of rising perception of Gibson, that is often criticized, still describes the information as a self-contained, requiring no extraction or meaning. According to the psychologist, it creates a linear perception of meaningful vision processes. IQClub developers are the leading psychologists of the Moscow clinics, well-known scientists of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, and the result of their work is a simple and interesting game that can improve your perception and increase the speed of thought.

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