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  • Develops creativity
  • Improves thinking speed
  • Enhances logic


"Operations" is a trainer with high dynamics, a tool to improve your intellectual abilities at a convenient time with high efficiency. The challenge that developers put in front of you is not to develop verbal counting skills, but the creation of conditions in which the brain has to generate a large number of responses, based on the logic to form flawless conclusions. Mathematical abilities are certainly of great importance in human life, however, no less a role in our success and working ability is played logical thinking. These two abilities of intelligence are often used in parallel in professional work and in everyday life. Not everybody is able to quickly take the complex arithmetic in mind, but many cannot think according to the laws of formal logic, respond on the basis of the facts, draw conclusions using experience, etc.

How It Works

Many people, business owners and managers, accountants and cashiers, all those who are often faced with the figures, deliberately limited their brain capacity, entrusting the execution of mathematical calculations to the calculator. IQClub team and our product - “Operations" - will teach you to get an answer faster than time required to type on the calculator. How does this happen? It's simple - our minds constantly absorb vast amounts of information. Moreover, the intellectual abilities can be developed through training, impacting decision-making centers and getting answers. People tend to equate mathematical ability to Intellect. This is not surprising, because developing one skill, you open up opportunities for others. So, quick thinking is not possible without the development of short-term memory, attention, concentration and creativity.

What It Gives

The "Operations" game, in addition to the practical functions, will increase the level of self-organization, improve the opportunity to concentrate, help to develop the skills of quick thinking. Scientists at Oxford University, as a result of numerous studies, have shown that stimulation of certain areas of the brain allows, for more than a quarter of people, to improve mathematical abilities. IQClub team redesigned and improved slightly familiar IQ-tests tasks, shifting the emphasis toward formal logic. Thus, the player abstracts from the world, strengthens the ability to think logically and correctly analyze the raw data. Moreover, due to the need for short-term memory retention in several mathematical constructs, a positive impact is, in particular, made on the memory, too.


The player is offered the arithmetic equality, where there are no signs of mathematical operations. In the "Operations" trainer, you must correctly specify as many as possible operations to comply with the set conditions. In the game, the adaptive mechanism is implemented for constructing training. This means that your training will be held under the strict supervision of a coach who will select the optimum load. The more correct answers you give - the higher is the difficulty. A wrong answer leads to loss of a game live, right answers lead to reward points, with which you can assess the dynamics of the development of your cognitive sphere.

How We Developed It

The team of developers of IQClub includes various experts, including scientists, clinical psychologists, programmers and game design professionals. We have tried to purposefully create all the familiar atmosphere of school, when the student has to provide answers as quickly as possible. An improved algorithm for a simple and rather boring mathematical account was changed to a series of logical operations that bring the game dynamics and excitement. The first version of the problem: Lower-Elementary-Math-Task-Cards-148

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