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Thinking development course

Do you want to teach your child to think outside the box? Our course will help you go beyond the usual, template thinking.
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Why is the course useful?

We will open up a lot of interesting techniques and methods for the child to become better in all areas of activity.
Make instant decisions

Learn to quickly and objectively assess the situation

Increase productivity

Use your time more efficiently

Switch between tasks easily

Learn to work in multitasking mode

Think rationally

Make balanced and rational decisions

Find optimal solutions

Learn to predict the consequences of your actions

Speed up your Mental Maths

Easily perform complex mental arithmetics

Take advantage of the brain’s capabilities to the max

Why is it useful for children to develop reasoning?

Why is it useful for children to develop reasoning?

Training of thinking is necessary for full and harmonious development of the child. The inability to absorb new information has a negative impact on educational success, communication in society, thinking and individual abilities.

The course for thinking development from IQClub is a great incentive to spend time with children, combining the pleasant with the useful. You will notice how much easier and easier the child will be given new information, because the course not only trains non-standard thinking, but also further develops: memory, attention and creativity.

The course consists of 10 games

Game Olympic


At the beginning of the game you will see a field consisting of cells. Then the ship will appear in an arbitrary place. After a couple of seconds the ship will disappear from view, and at the top of the screen its path will appear in the form of arrows. To complete the level, you must specify the point at which the ship will arrive after all the movements.

Game Merging shapes

Merging shapes

The shapes will appear on the screen, which, depending on the task, a user needs to add or subtract. The child needs to imagine that one shape is superimposed on the other, and then to think about the future appearance of the resulting shape and choose the right answer from the suggested.

Game Make a square

Make a square

A few shapes will appear on the field. To complete the round, a user has to choose a pair, at the confluence of which a square is formed.

Game Rotation


The shape and several answer options on the right will appear on the screen. To win the game, a user has to select a shape which represents a turned-over initial shape.

Game Deduction


At the top of the playing field there is a sequence of cards with pictures. To win, a user has to select the card from the bottom row, which logically continues the offered sequence.

And other games

And other games

Before the beginning of classes your child will have to pass a special test, which will show how well the skill of reasoning is developed. Next, we will create an individual training program within the course. After a month of training the system will display the statistics with the results.

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Reasoning Development Program

Do you want to develop your child’s thinking, but you are catastrophically short of time? Then our course is for you.

7 lessons

Interesting theory

10 games

Unique author’s developments

Introductory and final tests

To assess current level and results

Adaptive Program

Daily workout will adapt to your progress

Adaptive Program

Try it now and we guarantee your further surprise at your child's abilities.

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