Uniquely-designed algorithm

A special algorithm
processes the children’s



And displays the sum of
values in the
Performance Index

The BPI or Brain Performance Index ( bpi) is a summary measure of children’s success after going through the day’s workouts and successfully playing games.

Playing our educational games children increase a huge number of different indicators (more than 15), which can be viewed on the page of full statistics, but we need one universal value, which would reflect the process of development. For this purpose we have developed a special algorithm that takes into account all these parameters and gives an exact value.


If Children skip workouts or study inattentively and make a lot of mistakes,
the BPI will decrease, because it reflects the real dynamics of
the process of development of the cognitive functions of the child’s brain.

This is what progress looks like based on
performance index

How it works?

Our BPI accounting system is based on an innovative statistical mechanism that is very sensitive to the slightest changes in children’s skills and will always show up-to-date indicators of cognitive development. The algorithm was developed by scientists who constantly monitor the system and constantly improve its accuracy.

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