Uniquely-designed algorithm

The algorithm
processes child’s



And displays the sum of
values to the Brain Profile

BPI is the aggregate value of child’s achievements, calculated after completion of daily workouts and games.

Playing our mind games, children enhance skills (more than 15). Results can be viewed on the full stats page, but we have a universal value to reflect the general progress. For that, we have developed a dedicated to consider all these parameters and display an accurate value.

Stats Example

If a child misses daily workouts or shows
poor results, BPI will decrease
as it reflects current
of cognitive functions development.

This is how
BPI-based progress looks like

How does it work?

Our BPI system is based on the cutting-edge statistic method sensitive to even slight changes in skills. Thus, it reflects up-to-date cognitive development progress. The algorithm was developed by scientists that continuously monitor the system and improve its accuracy.